Climate Commitment Act brand and style guidelines


To strengthen public awareness of how Climate Commitment Act (CCA) funding is put to work, state agencies and recipients of programs or projects funded by the CCA are directed to use a funding acknowledgment and/or logo.

The Climate Commitment Act logo is a symbol of the state's commitment to fighting climate change and pollution. The simple but powerful design conveys our progress towards a cleaner, zero emission future. The primary color palette is the three shades of green representing the Evergreen State's natural beauty and its commitment to environmental protection.

The funding acknowledgment provides standard language for websites, press releases, public outreach materials and other related promotional products.  

The guidance below provides general information about funding acknowledgment language and logo usage. Funding recipients should refer to their contracts for information about if and when these requirements apply.

Funding acknowledgement

Administering agencies and all funding recipients, including sub-grantees and local agencies that receive CCA funding to supplement existing programs, must include recognition of CCA funding in alignment with this guidance.

The funding source acknowledgment should be used in project- or program-related publications, websites, signage, invitations, and other media-related and public-outreach products. The standard funding language to be used is: 

“The [PROGRAM NAME / GRANT / ETC.] is supported with funding from Washington’s Climate Commitment Act. The CCA supports Washington’s climate action efforts by putting cap-and-invest dollars to work reducing climate pollution, creating jobs, and improving public health. Information about the CCA is available at”

Funding acknowledgments in additional languages are available at the bottom of this page. 

Logo usage

The logo should always be used in its entirety, with the wordmark and symbols together. The logo should not be altered in any way, including changing the colors, proportions or fonts.

The logo should always be displayed on a white background. If a white background isn’t possible, use the primary logo with the border or one of the approved white logos. The primary color palette is the shades of green, but it can also be used in black and white and/or gray scale as required.

The logo can be used in a variety of applications, including websites, social media, print materials, and signage. When using the logo in digital applications or printing for signage, it is important to use a high-resolution version of the logo file.

Primary logo   Download: PNG   SVG

Logo with profile of Washington state and green letters that say: Funded by Washington's Climate Commitment Act

Primary logo with border & white background   Download: PNG   SVG

CCA primary logo with border

CCA Logo Style & Branding 

Social media icon  Download: PNG

CAA social media icon

Grayscale logo  Download: PNG   SVG
ONLY use the grayscale logo for black and white printing, limited color printing, or low-resolution displays.

CAA grayscale logo

 White logo

While the primary CCA logo is always preferred, circumstances may necessitate using an alternative white logo. To ensure optimal visual impact, use only the listed logos with the black background or one of the approved CCA green hues.

Download: PNG  SVG

CCA reverse logo on dark green

Download: PNG  SVG

CCA reverse logo on med green

Download: PNG  SVG

CCA reverse logo on light green

Download: PNG  SVG

CCA reverse logo on black

Non-allowable logo modifications -- DO NOT: Squeeze, stretch, or condense logo out of proportion or reduce size smaller than 100px.

Example of improper condensing of CCA logo
Example of improper stretching of CCA logo
Example of improper condensing of CCA logo

Do not retype or change the font in the logotype.

Example of improper font usage in CCA logo

Do not combine with other elements.

Example of improper addition of elements to CCA logo

Do not outline the logo.

Example of improper outlining of CCA logo elements

Do not place logo on low contrast background.

Example of low contrast background
Example of low contrast background
Example of proper usage

These are just a few examples of non-allowable modifications. For more information, please contact the Office of the Governor.


Primary Green

Dark green
green background
light green background


black background
Medium gray background
light gray background


Title font: Oswald Regular

Title font Oswald Regular

Logo type: Poppins Bold

Logo type Poppins Bold




El [PROGRAM NAME / GRANT / ETC.] cuenta con el respaldo del financiamiento proveniente de la Ley de Compromiso Climático de Washington. CCA (Climate Commitment Act, Ley de Compromiso Climático) apoya los esfuerzos de acción climática de Washington y utiliza el dinero del programa de límite e inversión para reducir la contaminación climática, crear empleos y mejorar la salud pública. Para obtener información sobre la CCA, visite  

Simplified Chinese

[PROGRAM NAME / GRANT / ETC.] 由Washington州《气候承诺法案》提供资金支持。CCA (Climate Commitment Act, 气候承诺法案) 支持Washington州的气候行动,将“限额和投资”资金用于减少气候污染、创造就业机会和改善公众健康。有关CCA的信息,请访问


[PROGRAM NAME / GRANT / ETC.] được hỗ trợ bằng nguồn tài trợ từ Đạo Luật Cam Kết Khí Hậu của Washington.  CCA (Climate Commitment Act, Đạo Luật Cam Kết Khí Hậu) hỗ trợ các nỗ lực chống biến đổi khí hậu bằng cách sử dụng tiền từ chương trình cap-and-invest (giới hạn phát thải và đầu tư khoản thu từ quyền phát thải vào các sáng kiến khí hậu) nhằm giảm ô nhiễm không khí, tạo việc làm và cải thiện sức khỏe cộng đồng. Thông tin về CCA được đăng tại


[PROGRAM NAME / GRANT / ETC.] фінансується за кошти, здобуті за допомогою Закону про зобов’язання з боротьби зі зміною клімату штату Washington. CCA (Climate Commitment Act, Закон про зобов’язання з боротьби зі зміною клімату) підтримує зусилля штату Washington із боротьби зі зміною клімату через внески коштів, здобутих від обмежень та інвестицій, у скорочення забруднення клімату, створення робочих місць і покращення громадської охорони здоров’я. Інформація про CCA доступна на вебсайті


[PROGRAM NAME / GRANT / ETC.] ej bõk jibañ in jāān jen Climate Commitment Act (Kakien eo an state ñan an kombani im doulul ko elabtata aer kõjerbal kiaj ko rej kõmman an māānānlok mejatoto bwe ren kadiklok aer kõjerbal mõttan kein) an Washington. Climate Commitment Act (Kakien eo an state ñan an kombani im doulul ko elabtata aer kõjerbal kiaj ko rej kõmman an māānānlok mejatoto bwe ren kadiklok aer kõjerbal mõttan kein, CCA) ej jibañ jerbal ko an Washington ñan kejbarok mejatoto im jikin ko ipelaakid ilo an kõjejjet joñan ko relabtata im lelok jāān im jerbal ko ñan kadiklok baijin im ettonon ko ilo mejatoto, kõmman an wõr jerbal, im kõkmanmanlok ejmour ko an armij. Ewõr melele kin CCA ilo